Mala | Kosmic Fusion | Faculty at Kosmic Fusion | Full Interview

 Mala | Kosmic Fusion | Faculty at Kosmic Fusion | Full Interview

Ekta interviews Mala in this installment of the Faculty interview series. Mala responds in her witty and typical casual mode on how she stumbled across Kosmic Fusion at a Mind Body Spirit Exhibition in Sydney and how circumstances conspired to meeting Sree Maa in New Zealand.

Mala traveled various countries before finally settling down in Sydney, Australia. Born in a Sikh family never held her back from pursuing a spiritual path.

Mala shares about her experience at relatively short stint at Kosmic Fusion and how she intends to stay on forever serving through this selfless mission. Like any other paths, Spirituality also has its own share of challenges when interacting with people and their egos; however Mala's maturity helped her deal with situations and determination keeps her focused.

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