Mala | Kosmic Fusion | Faculty at Kosmic Fusion | Full Interview

 Mala | Kosmic Fusion | Faculty at Kosmic Fusion | Full Interview

Ekta interviews Mala in this installment of the Faculty interview series. Mala responds in her witty and typical casual mode on how she stumbled across Kosmic Fusion at a Mind Body Spirit Exhibition in Sydney and how circumstances conspired to meeting Sree Maa in New Zealand.

Mala traveled various countries before finally settling down in Sydney, Australia. Born in a Sikh family never held her back from pursuing a spiritual path.

Mala shares about her experience at relatively short stint at Kosmic Fusion and how she intends to stay on forever serving through this selfless mission. Like any other paths, Spirituality also has its own share of challenges when interacting with people and their egos; however Mala's maturity helped her deal with situations and determination keeps her focused.

False claims versus The Truth.......Here for all to witness

Greed and more and a massive sense of entitlement that these 2 women who thought it was their due. Lying and cheating, conning and  deceiving others, then sobbing uncontrollably when found out. Surely no one in their right mind could take them seriously? Or believe their nonsensical jargon? If one cannot act with decorum and honesty, how can you then start another "business" and start conning again?
Absolutely no human being can thwart the laws of karma nor change them! Do with this  hand....Pay with that hand! Universal Law of Retribution...... That's how it works isn't it?
Please take a few moments to read the evidence presented.
Thank You

Identify theft

How sad and lacking in your own self must you be to steal somebody's identify? Especially a Supreme Being like Sree Maa Shri Ji and try to make a buck? Isn't that the height of crassness? Ever?
You are devoid of a personality and therefore have to tryand steal Sree Maa Shri Ji's Magnifience and pretend that you are a energy healer and have the ability to raise vibrations! Really? Are you just not kidding yourself? I bet you can't raise the vibration of a mouse much less a human being! No, you can't even "Awaken" a bee or an ant!
It would be much better to start with your own self instead of seeing $ signs, stealing a personality that you are not fit for, not even in a million years! Where are your morals? Duping vulnerable people and offering false workshops after stealing Kosmic Fusion Intellectual Property!
What special skills do you have to hold such workshops? No divine qualities, how is it possible to raise vibrations?

So I went to Joy's house with some of my friends as she had requested us to help her clean her house! A Very Important Being so very dear to our hearts was arriving. Oh boy! What a shambolic mess she lived in! It literally took us all day to clean that filthy house, practically a whole day spent in the kitchen with Simran and somebody else had to clean the filthy window screens and then we had to start on the bathroom! We scrubbed and scrubbed whilst Joy sat at the table with her laptop! God only knows what she was doing? Might have been playing poker or looking at business opportunities in the East to promote herself or thinking up new ways to part us from our money!!!
Joy had the gall to ask us to pay for the company taxes with the company that she had set up with Clarito! Why should we even pay a penny for a company we didn't own? Where is the logic in that? Where is the rationale in her dealings with decent people? Dishonest as they come! That's Joy …

Beware Of Con-Artists

This narcissist Joy Awakening who lied, appropriated money out of me fraudently and NOW in an illusion of grandeur is offeringto raise “your vibrations” in sessions.
When you already have Karma to payback yourself how can you possibly raise somebody else’s vibrations? Vibrations can only be raised by oneself i.e. doing good deeds, prayer and righteous living. There is no magic wand that can be waved to raise anybody’s vibrations, no mystical tree in Africa or South America or any other part of the world that can do anything for you. The world is full of people who have been fooled by charlatans like her who con people out of hundreds of dollars.
If it is your Karma you work on it yourself!
The Years of Abuse that Sree Maa endured, the perpetual nonsense perpetrated by Joy Awakening which by the way is the name of Sree Maa’s “The Workshop - AwaKeNiN & TrAnSfOrMaTiON workshop” which she now has taken to further her money making scheme.
Why would she use the same term as Awakening as Sre…


Once a narcissist gets her fangs into you, she will never let go!! Your blood is her supply for her egotism and they love to handle your CASH!!
Group dynamics aren't good for them as she cannot shine and manipulate you!
I know a narcissist who wanted me to go back to UK, she wanted me out of the way so that she could continue to manipulate others and was afraid that I would speak up which I did and often!
Never let anybody belittle you, you are your own powerhouse.

Intro of my journey into Spiritual bypassing, Narcissism and other isms!

This is my journey and experience when two narcissists came into my life.They really are the bane of everyone's lives in causing mayhem and misery in any which way they can! How on earth can they sleep at night?